Weekly Productivity Framework for programmer will help you design your weeks and days for effortless execution.

I use a 6-step personal productivity framework to plan my days for effortless execution. With the framework, you will batch as many activities as possible into once-a-week or once-a-day blocks.

This framework is intended to maximize the productivity of a single week via planning for effortless execution. It also implements retrospectives to replace what isn’t working.

I’ve used this framework when I’ve worked in an office and also remotely. It has even worked for when I changed time zones relative to the executives and my teammates. All I need to do is reiterate through 6 steps to fit together all the essential pieces that make me productive.

This can be applied to a 40-hours-a-week plan or fewer hours. I would not recommend creating a plan with this framework for a workweek that’s more than 48 hours because getting enough rest is also an important part of productivity.